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It’s not like in the films or on TV!

Hi Everyone Just a quick note for all of you folks that are getting ready for the summer and are going to be doing a bit of swimming – be it in the sea, river or in a swimming pool. According to the statistics published by ROSPA there were 487 fatalities involving water in 2011…

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Prepare for the unexpected

Events at the Olympic competition this week have proved that the unexpected happens all the time, no matter how well planned and prepared you are. Who would have thought that the West End would become a ghost town, that Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes would capsize their boat and that the Koreans would deliberately try…

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Don’t forget to wear a cycle helmet

Even the most competent cyclists wear cycle helmets because they know how dangerous it can be if you fall off a bicycle at speed. With all the hype of the Olympics and Bradley Wiggins competing in London after winning the tour de France this month, it is worth mentioning the importance of wearing head protection…

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Guardian at the annual Kite Festival

Guardian First Aid Training are delighted to be attending the annual kite festival on Dunstable Downs this weekend. Run in association with the National Trust, this unique event  offers the public a chance to get a close look at some of the world’s greatest and most beautiful kites and  we are looking forward to seeing…

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Trench foot is back!

For those of us heading off to yet another wet music festival this weekend, it is wise to look out for the signs of dreaded trench foot, first associated with trench warfare in World War I Trench foot is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure of the feet to wet conditions, which unfortunately has become…

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Why did I send a peanut stuck in a tube to the headmaster?

Anyone who looks after young children particularly over the lunchtime period, needs to be competent in dealing with a choking situation. I recently sent a small piece of 8mm medical tubing with a peanut stuck in it to schools in the local area to demonstrate just how easy it is to block an airway. A…

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Compression only CPR?

Have you see the new publicity video produced by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) featuring Vinnie Jones carrying out Compression only CPR? If you haven’t see it yet, then you can find it here on the BHF site. The video has prompted many questions about the need for Rescue Breaths (mouth to mouth). This, together…

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Changes to First Aid boxes

First Aid Box

There have been recent changes to the contents of First Aid boxes. Are you up to date? The latest guidelines are shown below… Category of Hazard Number of Employees Kit Required Low offices and shops Less than 25 25 – 100 More than 100 Small Medium 1 Large kit per 100 employees High Other…

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Calling all Mums with young children!

Baby and Child First Aid

It’s a sad fact that many accidents happen to young children in their own homes. Children can also become ill, sometimes seriously, with conditions that require early recognition and intervention. Imagine having a child in your care, your own, or a niece, nephew or a friends child who has an accident and relies upon you…

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NEW: First Aid Cabinet launches

Guardian First Aid

We’re extremely proud to have launched an exciting, brand new online training resource! First Aid Cabinet is a one-stop shop for parents and guardians who need to know what to do in any given situation in order to maintain the safety of children in their care. The First Aid Cabinet was created as a result…

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