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Chilblains versus Hayfever!

With the recent weather being so awful  – I was in a quandary as to whether to write about Chilblains or Hayfever.  However, given that I have had  some lovely sunshine and I have seen daffodils and crocuses everywhere I decided to go with the Hayfever!  Hayfever, or allergic rhinitis as the medical term puts…

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In Case of Emergency

Nowadays, the majority of us are contactable via our mobile phones 24/7. We store the contact information of friends, family and acquaintances in our devices, yet too few of us think of highlighting who to contact in case of an emergency. In Case of Emergency (also known as ICE) is a school of thinking which…

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Keep your cool!!

For those of you who love to spend time in the sunshine I thought that you might find the following publication of interest.  I know that we don’t often see very hot weather in this country and the temptation is to enjoy every moment of the good weather – however, there are dangers that you…

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It’s not like in the films or on TV!

Hi Everyone Just a quick note for all of you folks that are getting ready for the summer and are going to be doing a bit of swimming – be it in the sea, river or in a swimming pool. According to the statistics published by ROSPA there were 487 fatalities involving water in 2011…

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Butter & A Nice Juicy Steak.

Oooh, yes please – sounds like two of our essentials for a great summer barbecue… But these ingredients are just two of the mythical “cures” for common injuries sustained over the summer months!  Here are some of our favourite first aid myths and what the correct methods of treatment are. The most common first aid…

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Eye injury can be avoided!

It is a worrying statistic that nearly half of all eye injuries occur in and around the home and only 35% of those surveyed, always wear protective eyewear whilst carrying out DIY or repairs. There are many ways that debris can enter the eye, cooking foods can spatter hot grease or fats, the use of…

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Playing it safe in cold weather

child playing in snow

Christmas approaches, and although it is a wonderful time of the year where you can relax with friends and family and use it as an excuse to eat and drink without feeling too guilty, it is also the coldest time of the year in the UK.  With what could be the coldest Christmas on record…

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