How many first aiders do I need?

Employers are required by law to make an assessment of the work place. The table below, compiled using information from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), gives an indication of the number of First Aiders required in the work place.

Risk Category Employees Requirement
Low Hazard e.g.


Less than 25 At least 1 appointed person
25 - 50 At least 1 first aider (EFAW)
More than 50 At least 1 first aider (FAW) + 1 additional first aider per 100 employees or part thereof
High Hazard e.g.

Work places not covered by low hazard

Less than 5 At least 1 appointed person
5 - 50 At least 1 first aider (EFAW or FAW depending on Hazard Level)
More than 50 At least 1 First Aider (FAW) + 1 additional first aider per 50 employees or part thereof

The numbers in the table are the minimum requirements. You will need extra First Aiders to take account of the following:

  • Inexperienced workers or employees with disabilities or particular health problems
  • Employees who travel a lot, work remotely or work alone
  • Employees who work shifts or out of hours
  • Premises spreading out across buildings or floors
  • Workplace remote from emergency medical services
  • Employees working at sites occupied by other employers
  • Planned and unplanned absences of first aiders/appointed persons
  • Members of the public who visit the workplace

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