Siamese Cats?

Cat careWhat has being a breeder of siamese cats got to do with running a premier first aid training company?

Great question!

Well, when people buy a Siamese kitten from me they have a right to expect that the kitten is “bomb proof”. So I have to think carefully about the type of environments that my kittens might be moving to.

For instance, all kittens should be accustomed to household noise, such as a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. It should also have been handled by a variety of humans including small children. Ideally it should also be comfortable around other adult cats and dogs.

If I have done my job properly as an experienced, responsible breeder the kitten that the new owners take home will give them no problems at all. And that is exactly what happens.

What has this got to do with first aid I hear you asking! Well, I give exactly the same attention to detail when I am looking at the first aid provision in a business.

We carry out a Health Check of the business which will include such questions as:

  • What risks are involved in the business environment?
  • What injuries are likely to occur?
  • What illness or health conditions do the people who work there suffer from?
  • What is the history of accidents in the business?

We can then come up with a strategy to make the First Aid provision in the business “bomb-proof”.

This ensures that if any unfortunate incidents do occur, the First-Aiders can give the best possible treatment and if the Health and Safety Executive does then carry out an investigation you will have the correct number and the correct level of First Aiders.

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