Why did I send a peanut stuck in a tube to the headmaster?

Anyone who looks after young children particularly over the lunchtime period, needs to be competent in dealing with a choking situation.

I recently sent a small piece of 8mm medical tubing with a peanut stuck in it to schools in the local area to demonstrate just how easy it is to block an airway. A child’s airway is much smaller than an adults and I am sure that you are aware of the two recent cases where young children have choked to death during the lunch break.

We now have a revolutionary new training aid which allows First-Aiders to practice the full technique for choking incidents and we have already successfully used the new equipment in training with outstanding results.

The revolutionary new equipment allows the first-aider to deliver back blows without being worried about hurting their fellow trainees and to actually perform abdominal thrusts until the object is dislodged

We are now offering to run 2 hour sessions using our new aid for lunch-time supervisors or any other staff who may need to deal with a choking emergency, which will cover:

1.       How to deal with an individual who is partially choking

2.       How to deal with an individual who is choking

3.       How to carry out CPR

If you would like to book a course on choking or any other first aid requirement, give us a call on 01908 612413

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