Butter & A Nice Juicy Steak.

Oooh, yes please – sounds like two of our essentials for a great summer barbecue… But these ingredients are just two of the mythical “cures” for common injuries sustained over the summer months!  Here are some of our favourite first aid myths and what the correct methods of treatment are.

The most common first aid myth is applying butter to burned skin to soothe the pain.  Now let’s be blunt here – you are not a sausage, you are a person, and at best you are now basting yourself.  At worst, the butter will hold the heat in making the burning sensation and the damage to your skin much more severe.  

Save the butter for your burger buns and instead, run the affected area under a cool tap for at least 10 minutes before applying cooling burn gel which will further ease the pain and prevent infection.

Another first aid myth is to apply a piece of cold meat to a swollen or black eye – not a great idea.  Firstly, this could contaminate the eye with germs that could be present on the raw meat including E. coli. Secondly, it is a real waste of good food!  To treat a swollen or black eye, simply wrap some ice in a clean cloth or use an ice pack and hold on to the affected area.

In any of these incidents if none of the suggested methods of treatment work or help please seek medical advice immediately.  Save the meat and marinades for the barbecue, and stay safe this summer!

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