Eye injury can be avoided!

It is a worrying statistic that nearly half of all eye injuries occur in and around the home and only 35% of those surveyed, always wear protective eyewear whilst carrying out DIY or repairs. There are many ways that debris can enter the eye, cooking foods can spatter hot grease or fats, the use of hazardous products and chemicals such as oven cleaner, using implements and tools and clipping hedges and bushes are just a few examples. Small particles of dust or dirt can be washed out of an eye with cold tap water and always ensure that the water runs away from the good eye. For a more serious eye injury:

  • Keep the casualty still and gently hold a soft sterile dressing over the injured eye. This can be carefully bandaged in place if necessary.
  • Tell the casualty to close their good eye, because any movement of this will cause the injured eye to move as well. If necessary bandage the good eye to stop the casualty using it
  • Take the casualty to hospital.

For chemicals in the eye:

  • Wear protective gloves. Wash with copious amounts of clean water, ensuring the water runs away from the good eye. Gently but firmly try to open the casualty’s eyelid to irrigate the eye fully.
  • Call 999/112 for emergency help

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