Prepare for the unexpected

Events at the Olympic competition this week have proved that the unexpected happens all the time, no matter how well planned and prepared you are.

Who would have thought that the West End would become a ghost town, that Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes would capsize their boat and that the Koreans would deliberately try to lose their badminton matches.

The Russians were totally unprepared to come second and world class gymnasts have been tumbling off their beams throughout the competition.

Not all unexpected events are bad, take the silver medal for the English cyclist Lizzie Armistead, for example and the mens bronze in the gymnastics an event we have not been successful in since 1912 in Stockholm.

This is where Guardian First Aid come in – we prepare you in advance of the unexpected.  We make sure that you are legally compliant, competent and confident in first aid to ensure that you can deal with a medical emergency should it arise.

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